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First Roma Workshop on Past and Present Perceptions of Science Galileo

 and the Renaissance Scientific Discourse

Galilei Worhshop 2009
University of Roma "La Sapienza
University of Roma "Tor Vergata"
University of Roma TRE

Roma, May 6 2009

Invited Speakers: M. Pfister and A. Bellelli (Chairs of a session), Manfred Pfister (Institut für Englische Philologie, Freie Universität Berlin,Germany), Raffaele Pisano (ESHS/Università di Roma "La Sapienza"), Gilberto Sacerdoti (Università Roma Tre), Giancarlo Pani (Universita’ Roma “La Sapienza”), Rita Fioravanti (Bibl. Casanatense), V.M. Abrusci and M. Del Sapio Garbero (chairs of a session) Mauro Dorato (Università Roma Tre), Gheorghe Stratan, (Univ. Babes Bolyai, Cluj, Romania), Vito Michele Abrusci (Università Roma Tre), G. Antonini and A. Kotsakis (Chairs of a session), Paolo Guidoni (Università di Napoli Federico II), Enrico Bellone (Università degli Studi di Milano), Milena Bandiera (Università Roma Tre), A. Altamore and R. Buonanno (chairs of a session).
Morning: BIBLIOTECA CASANATENSE, via Via S. Ignazio, 52, Roma
Afternoon: LICEO E. Q. VISCONTI. P.za Collegio Romano 4, Roma
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 English Language

    Updated: April 17, 2009

Aim of the Conference
The conference wishes to offer a contribution towards bridging the gap between the world of  research and the general public and moving beyond any rigid separation between scientific and humanistic culture. The year 2009, the International Year of Astronomy, marks the fourth centenary of the first telescope observation, thus providing a welcome occasion to reconsider Galileo’s work within the framework of Renaissance culture. As well as being intrinsically relevant to the area of epistemology and the history of science, this field of enquiry may afford an opportunity to trace a common line of work for interdisciplinary projects to be carried out by researchers and teachers both in universities and high schools. The year 2009 also marks the bicentenary of Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his work On the Origin of Species, whose pivotal role in the development of a scientific approach to life may offer further points for discussion. The one-day workshop will be organized in two separate sessions: the morning session will feature invited speakers who will discuss historical and scientific research on the Workshop theme, while the afternoon section will focus on teaching issues and didactic approaches.
Scientific committee: G. Antonini, A. Altamore, V.M. Abrusci,, M. Del Sapio, A. Kotsakis (University Roma Tre), A. Bellelli (University La Sapienza, Rome), R. Buonanno (University Tor Vergata, Rome), R. Fioravanti (Biblioteca Casanatense, Rome).
• Morning session     (8:45 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.) Invited speakers.
• Afternoon session (2.00 p.m. - 5.30 p.m.) Invited speakers and selected brief communications.
- Biblioteca Casanatense - (Time for talks: 25 m.)
8:45-9:00 Registration
9:00-11:15  Session 1. Chairs: M. Pfister and A. Bellelli
- Manfred Pfister (Institut für Englische Philologie, Freie Universität Berlin,Germany)
Introduction: Studying the Renaissance as a Model for Science-Arts Interaction
- Raffaele Pisano (Europena Society for the History of Science/Università Roma La Sapienza)
Galileo: On "Trattato di fortificazione" and mechanical science in the Renaissance.
- Gilberto Sacerdoti (Università degli Studi Roma Tre)
Nuova Astronomia: dubbi ed entusiasmi
- Giancarlo Pani (Università degli Studi Roma La Sapienza)
Il Bellarmino e Galileo: il paradosso del cardinale
General debate
- Rita Fioravanti (Biblioteca Casanatense)
Introduzione alla mostra dei libri d’epoca: "Galileo e la nascita delle Scienze Sperimentali"
11:15-11:30 Break
11:30-13:00 Session 2. Chairs: V.M. Abrusci and M. Del Sapio Garbero
- Mauro Dorato (Università degli Studi Roma Tre)
Perchè la matematica è il linguaggio della natura?
- Gheorghe Stratan (Univ. Babes Bolyai, Cluj, Romania)
La nozione di legge della natura nei lavori di Galileo.
- Vito Michele Abrusci (Università degli Studi Roma Tre)
Comprendere l’Infinito
- Debate
- Liceo Ginnasio E.Q. Visconti - (Time for talks: 25 m.; brief communications: 10 m.).
14:00- 15:00 Session 3. Chairs: G. Antonini and A. Kotsakis
- Paolo Guidoni (Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II)
"La natura aver fatte prima le cose a suo modo, e poi fabbricati i discorsi umani.. "Le relazioni
tra l'osservazione della natura, il linguaggio formale ed il pensiero scientifico”.

- Enrico Bellone (Università degli Studi di Milano)
Galileo ed il senso comune
- Debate
15:00-18:00 Session 4. Coordinatori: A. Altamore and R. Buonanno
- Milena Bandiera (Università degli Studi Roma Tre)
Relazione introduttiva alla Sessione Didattica: Scienza e sapere. Spunti per riflettere
- Aldo Altamore (Università degli Studi Roma Tre)
Sintesi dei Contributi liberi

15:45-16:00 Break
- Brief communications
- General debate
Participants: Researchers, University professors and students, high school teachers and well-motivated students

Registration: Registration is required to participate in the workshop. Registration is free of charge and involves sending a request via email to the address This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please state clearly that you wish to register for the Workshop.
Registration deadline: April 25th, 2009.
Brief communications: These must be strictly relevant to the Workshop themes. Brief communications will need to be approved by the Scientific committee prior to the Workshop. High school teachers are strongly encouraged to offer brief contributions on educational issues and teaching approaches.

Instructions for brief communications:
Electronic submission should be forwarded to the address This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Two pages (including pictures/tables), WORD File, layout according to the template available at: http://webusers.fis.uniroma3.it/ssisfisica/acume.html 
Submission deadline: April 20th, 2009.
Workshop proceedings: The proceedings will collect both the invited speakers’ papers and the texts of the brief communications, and will be published in a volume (into English) after a peer review process carried out by the Scientific Committee.
How to go to BIBLIOTECA CASANATENSE (by its website)
The Library is in the old town centre of Rome, between piazza della Rotonda (Pantheon) and Via del Corso.
iconaBus: every bus wich goes to the centre (direction: via del Corso, piazza Venezia, via del Plebiscito, piazza S. Silvestro).
iconaunderground: from Termini Station to Spagna stop or Barberini stop (on foot or by bus; direction: via del Corso, piazza Venezia).
The Library is at the 2nd floor of an ancient building and unfortunatly it hasn't easy entrance for disabled people.
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